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>Kemigisa Jackline

About The Speaker

Kemigisa Jackline

Kemigisa Jackline is a feminist journalist, writer, researcher, and podcaster.

Currently, she is a Research Affiliate with the Center for Arts Design and Social Research, working with the team organising the Black Planetary Future Conversations. 

As a podcaster, Kemigisa co-hosts the Wulira history podcast, focusing on rewriting women in their Ugandan history.  

She also part of the team curating research and documentation on women’s participation in funeral and burial rituals, dead or alive in Africa.  A platform seeking to find ways women can liberate themselves outside of the patriarchal cis-hete frame dictated on their death in African communities. 

Her research focusing on feminist resistance has been instrumental in formulating tools for Women Human Rights defenders in Uganda published by the Women Human Rights Defenders Network. 

Kemigisa s’ latest contribution documenting digital feminist organisation in Eastern Africa was published as part of 150 Years of Journalism in Eastern Africa. 

As a journalist she writes for both national and international publications. 

She is fascinated by the intersections of technology, media, history, and women.