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>Pamela Enyonu

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Pamela Enyonu

Pamlea Enyonu is a Kampala, Uganda based visual artist. Her art career started in 2017 with a 3- month residency at 32 Degrees East where she navigated the politics of identity, trauma and healing. Prior to that she was a copywriter and art director in advertising industry and educator at primary and tertiary schools. Pamela works in multiple formats including but not limited to collage, painting, photography and assemblage. The main themes of her work revolve around the universe of womanhood especially black African womanhood. She often uses her personal experiences as a point of departure to help frame or reframe the subjects she engages with. Pamela is inspired by stories, materials and the process it takes to transform them into works of art. Pamela describes herself as a maker. She believes that one cannot go through the process of creating without themselves being ‘recreated’ or transformed’ To date Pamela has won the inaugural Makumbya Musoke Art Prize, participated in numerous workshops, exhibitions and residencies in Uganda, Congo, Mali, Tanzania, Dubai, Israel and most recently France as part of Africa 2020 and Netherlands at the Art The Hague Fair