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>Phoebe Murungi

About The Speaker

Phoebe Murungi

Phoebe is the founder and curator of SunKissed Wellness (SKW), a health and wellness platform dedicated to promoting healthy and intentional living in Kampala. She started SKW to share her learnings and personal experience based off her own wellness journey to help make the path less complicated for others. 

Phoebe speaks at several large-scale and intimate events, workshops, conferences and small gatherings, on crafting a personal health and wellness journey. She believes that good information, coupled with a recognition of the internal power we each possess, has the ability to create lasting positive change. 

Phoebe’s mission is to equip her audience with wellness information, tools and tips to demystify the process, enable them get in the ‘front seat’, take control of their health and have a real shot at fulfilling their highest potential.